Blog italiano dedicato a Sylvia Plath, poetessa e scrittrice americana, che ha come obiettivo far conoscere a più persone questa geniale artista del Novecento in Italia.
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I am terrified by this dark thing that sleeps in me...

Sylvia Plath

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✨ CALL 4 ACTION! ✨🎂 Soon it will be the first birthday of Sylvia Plath Italy and I really want to organize something special for it.This long year that has seen us forced to stay home, I’ve been so lucky to make the greatest virtual encounters. I’ve known so many beautiful people who shared theirContinua a leggere “SHARE YOUR STORIES!”

Happy Birthday, Sylvia!

Sunday, 28 October 1956 Dearest mother…What a lovely birthday I had! Your wonderful warm plaid brown jacket came which I shall delight wearing belted around the house over sweaters. Also Warren’s hysterically funny card arrived Exactly On The Day; how I loved hearing from him. Dotty sent $5 and Mrs. Freeman an embroidered handkerchief (whichContinua a leggere “Happy Birthday, Sylvia!”

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